Night Tour


Informal bill-posting

500 posters in hip bars and cinemas. And that every week. The posters are mounted using adhesive tape in typical Berlin cultural bars in hallways, adjacent to toilets, in guest lounges etc.. There is no guarantee of a specific display period. However you reach your chosen audience with the most cost effective means which we offer.

Indoor Frames

Do you wish to present your posters in a restaurant with a guaranteed display period? No problem. Network I with 350 or Network II with 250 smart aluminium frames are available for you.

Informal flyer distribution

Berlin is a large city. Your flyers can be distributed in more than 1000 locations. In cultural bars, cinemas, technical colleges, universities, culture and information centres, institutions, libraries, hotels, galleries, theatre agencies, shops, sports centres..... on tables, bars, reception desks, counters....

770 Displays

If you want something more formalised, we recommend placing your flyers in a display. Each flyer is clearly presented in a compartment. Our displays are all located where culture enthusiasts congregate. In culture bars, cafés, bars, restaurants, institutions, venues, museums, opera houses, exhibition galleries, concert halls and theatres.