General Business Terms

1. JOMI-PLAK GmbH is not obliged to provide lists of locations or a count of the installed posters.


When posters are mounted on surfaces rented by JOMI-PLAK GmbH for this purpose, the client may be provided with such lists if an explicit request is made when the order is placed.


2. Cancellation of a  contract by either party is permitted up to 21 days before commencement of the contract.


Mutual obligations in such cases do not arise. If a contract is cancelled after this time, the client is liable for payment in full.


3. Delivery of advertising material to the premises of JOMI-PLAK GmbH must be undertaken by the client at his own expense.


4. JOMI-PLAK GmbH requires that the client make available spare posters amounting to 10% for each contract.

Any additional posters will be available for collection throughout the contracted period. After this period, JOMI-PLAK GmbH, is authorised to dispose of the posters.


5. Posters mounted on rented advertising space are subject to a minimum display period of 14 days. If a client should require a shorter period, the charge for 14 days is nevertheless payable as shown in our price list.


JOMI-PLAK GmbH is not responsible for damage caused by weather or for damage, removal or over-pasting of posters by  unauthorised persons.



If the client has supplied sufficient spare posters, JOMI-PLAK GmbH will renew damaged or removed posters promptly and at no extra cost when notified by the client of such damage or removal. This stipulation does not apply to posters placed on non-rented space. In such cases, the display period is not guaranteed. Posters damaged or removed by unauthorised persons will not be renewed cost-free.


 6. Posters must conform to  DIN-Format. JOMI-PLAK GmbH is entitled to trim oversize posters at no extra cost to ensure that they fit the rented space. We will ensure that the poster retains its key message. In this respect the client is neither entitled to claim for damages or compensation nor to a reduction of charges.


7. JOMI-PLAK GmbH  takes  responsibility for loss of or damage to advertising material while on display, in transit or in storage only in cases of gross negligence or malicious act.


8. Should advertising material be damaged or lost due to operational reasons or act of god and thus delay the poster hanging, the contract is regarded as being interrupted or terminated. An extension of the contract to compensate for the lost time is possible subject to availability to JOMI-plak of the contracted spaces.


9. JOMI-PLAK GmbH retains the right to relocate advertising material for technical reasons, such as  if a construction hoarding and therefore the advertising medium is dismantled. No claims for  compensation of the client are applicable in such cases.




10. If the client is dissatisfied with the manner in which his material is posted, complaints are only acceptable during the contracted display period. Complaints of incomplete or inadequate display made after this period are excluded.


11. All contracts require payment in advance. JOMI-PLAK GmbH is entitled to defer or discontinue execution of a contract at any time prior to receipt of payment with no right of withdrawal accruing  to the client. In such cases, JOMI-PLAK GmbH retains the right to make the relevant advertising space available to other customers.


12. The client authorises JOMI-PLAK GmbH, to take legal action against any unauthorised third party who over-pastes  its advertising space.


13. Contracts are subject to the jurisdiction of  Amtsgericht Charlottenburg and/or Landgericht Berlin.