About us


We regard ourselves as a service provider to the international culture scene.

Jomiplak hangs posters and distributes programmes and flyers at various prime advertising sites in Berlin, throughout Germany and across Europe.

Jomiplak was founded in 1979 and is represented by partners Jochen Becker (wholesale trader, graduate in adult education and graduate in social education.) and his wife Midori Fujita-Becker (MA-Philology). Jochen Becker heads the business management.

Jomiplak's customer base is drawn from the national and international culture scene. JOMI-plak advertises principally for concerts, musicals, films, theatre, dance, sport and exhibitions.









Where we advertise ...




  • Construction Hoardings

  • Building Exteriors

  • Litfass Columns (invented by Ernst Litfass)

  • Outdoor Frames

  • Tram Stops

  • Subways

  • Billboards

  • CityPipelines

  • Boards

  • Mobile Litfass Columns

  • CityBike

  • Guerilla Marketing

  • Flyer Campaigns

  • Promotion

  • Giveaway Actions














  • Trend Bars

  • Cinemas

  • Culture Institutions

  • Hotels

  • Universities

  • Trend Shops

  • Sports Shops and Sports Centres