In the last 30 years we have promoted countless events, from Abba to Zappa, so that it seems appropriate, because of the range of projects, to describe here our general approach and then to quote specific examples.

The order of events

A customer wishes to promote an event. He wants to know what we can offer in respect of poster advertising or flyer distribution. Either he can phone us or visit our office or we can visit him.

The budget is a key factor

It may sound banal but: advertising stands or falls according to the customer's budget. It makes a difference whether one invests 500, 5000 or 50 000 Euro or more in poster hanging and flyer distribution. The larger the budget the more extensive and successful the promotion.

The choice of locations

Does the customer wish to advertise in chosen districts of Berlin, in all Berlin, in other German cities, in Europe or worldwide?

Which Event, which target audience, which advertising space?

What type of event is it? Rock music, cinema, ballet? To whom should it appeal? Nowadays there are so many advertising agencies that one must decide which agency suits which event and audience. In this respect, the customer is often overwhelmed and our advice will help.

For example: a Beethoven performance in the Philharmonie must not necessarily be advertised in the university or in trend bars. Although it would do no harm, the available budget could be better applied to poster hanging on Litfass columns and at well-lit bus stops or in framed displays in restaurants. A Rock concert on the other hand should be promoted in universities, in trend bars, on construction hoardings, on pipelines, on exterior walls etc..

Germany, Europe and worldwide projects

Due to Globalisation it happens more and more often that we participate in worldwide promotions. With the exception of the Stones and other superstars hardly any artists can afford worldwide promotion. However commercial product advertising can. That is why alongside our work for the culture customers we have for years worked also for companies such as NIKE, SONY ERICSON, LEVIS, CALVIN KLEIN, TELEKOM, APPLE, etc., who like our work, our network and our advertising media.