Poster hanging

Berlin is a large city!

About 20 poster hangers are busy from morning till night hanging posters outdoors and indoors and distributing flyers.


At heart everyone at JOMI-plak takes responsibility for everything, which is why we are pleased to refer to the "JOMI-plak Team". We each provide telephone advice to customers, draft proposals, write invoices etc. However there is a degree of specialisation:

Midori Fujita-Becker is a partner and takes care of book-keeping matters.

Jens Wiedenmann and Milko Krause are responsible for indoor poster hanging, flyer distribution, "Hand to Hand distribution" and similar campaigns.

Walter Nadolny is responsible for outdoor poster hanging. Being longest in service, he is the manager's right-hand-man. He accompanies the manager on customer visits, deals with local authorities and arranges business ideas and strategies .

Jochen Becker is a partner and manager and so takes responsibility for all that happens at JOMI-plak. He decides the future course and what should change. He must decide on pricing, customer visits, negotiations with local authorities etc. He develops business ideas almost spontaneously. Such ideas are then reviewed with colleagues at regular team meetings. Only then is a decision finalised.