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JOMI-plak erweitert sein Angebot an hochwertigen Werbeflächen

As you may know, VVR Berek is now owned by Wall AG. Thus Berlin culture has lost some advertising space since bus shelters, Litfass columns, subway sites etc. used for  for product advertising are being removed or modified.


Our contract with VVR Berek, which guarantees us many interesting and valuable media for our own management for event promotion, remains unaffected.


The JOMI-plak range of advertising is unparalleled value


We now have access to more subway walls, billboards, tram stops, Litfass columns etc. than before. The quality of the JOMI-plak network is thus clearly enhanced.


As customers you benefit from the integration of the VVR media into our network, after all you get the advantage of a media upgrade and thus a price reduction.


Make the most of the variety of JOMI-plak media. The media mix and Berlin-wide coverage offered will guarantee you effective and powerful promotion for your event.


JOMI-plak re-issued

Our new JOMI-plak lettering, the new  Hand Logo and the new web appearance should be evidence of our metamorphosis and rejuvenation.


The hand-print as company logo is simple and denotes "Leave your mark", " Make an impression", "Give me five" or "Stop, look what  we offer".


Just click on "Offerings" and get details of our various outdoor/indoor media. Explore!


"Die Draussenwerber" – book through us and get a discount



If you let us book media with "Die Draussenwerber" (a Wall AG subsidiary) then you qualify for a hefty discount on JOMI media. The choice includes subway space, Litfass columns, tram stops etc..

Give us a call!

Herr Nadolny, Herr Wiedenmann, Herr Krause and Herr Becker will be pleased to advise you.


We look forward to hearing from you!